Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Come join us for a full week of Disney!! Starts April 8th.

Join us the week of
Sunday, April 8th thur Saturday, April 14th 
for a week full of projects featuring:
Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Pixar, & other such characters we all LOVE.

This is NOT a blog hop.
All of us crafters who will be participating in DISNEY WEEK will provide a list of all our friends also posting Disney projects this week. You can visit as many as you'd like at your convenience.

We may not have a new project every day of the week posted, but you can be assured that all projects we post that week will be somehow Disney related.

We are so excited! We can't wait to show you what we are up to in the craft room!
Hope you will stop by!
Smiles! :) Michelle

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This weeks challenge is.....

A mini album! This should be really fun! Can't wait to see all the beautiful albums everyone makes!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Card

Here is an Easter card I made today using Create a critter and Just because cards. :) 

Complete list of Cricut Cartridges!

Thanks Erica!!

If you are looking for the 3-D hop please scroll down one posting

The complete list of Cricut cartridges
There are 429 of them!!!

3 Birds on Parade Cricut® 
3D Bows Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Chinese Lanterns Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Hats Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Lanturns Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Ornaments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Pinwheels Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Trees 
Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
50 States Classmate™ Cricut® 
 9 Months Cricut® Lite
A Child's Year Cricut® 
Accent Essentials Cricut® 
All Mixed Up Cricut® 
All Occasions Cake Martha Stewart Crafts™
All Sports Cricut® 
All Wrapped Up Cricut Imagine™ Art
Alphalicious Cricut® 
American Alphabet Cricut® 
Ancestry Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Animal Kingdom Cricut® 
April Showers Seasonal Cricut® 
Arrows Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Art Deco Cricut®
Art Nouveau Cricut® 
Art Philosophy Cricut® CTMH
Ashlyn's Alphabet Cricut® 
Audrey Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Australia Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Autumn Celebrations Cricut® 
B is for Boy Cricut® Lite
Baby Boutique --Teresa Collins Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Baby Shower Cricut® 
Baby Steps Cricut® 
Banners Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Base Camp Cricut® 
Baseball Solutions™ Cricut® 
Basketball Solutions™ Cricut® 
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Beep, Beep Cricut® Lite
Berries & Cream Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Best Friends Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Best Images of 2006
Best Images of 2007
Best Images of 2008
Best Images of 2009 
Best Images of 2010 
Best of Pixar Cricut® 
Best of Times Creative Memories ™
Better Together Cricut Imagine™ Art , \
Beyond Birthdays Cricut® 
Bicycling Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Billionaire Cricut® Lite
Birthday Bash Cricut® 
Birthday Cake Art Martha Stewart Crafts™
Birthday Cakes Cricut® 
Black and White --Teresa Collins Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Blackletter Solutions™ Cricut® 
Blast Off Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Block Party Cricut® Lite
Bloom Cricut® Lite
Blossom Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Bookmarks Classics Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Botanicals Cricut® Lite
Boys Will Be Boys Cricut® 
Bridal Shower Cricut® 
Bubblegum Stripes Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Buccaneer Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Bump in the Night Cricut® Lite
Cake Basics Cricut® 
Calligraphy Collection Cricut® 
Camp Out Solutions™ Cricut® 
Campin' Critters Cricut® 
Car Decals Cricut® 
Carousel Cricut® Lite
Cars Disney/Pixar© 
Celebrate with Flourish Cricut® Lite
Celebrations Cricut® 
Cheerful Seasons Creative Memories™
Chemistry Icons Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Cherry Limeade Cricut® Lite
Chic & Scary Seasonal Cricut® 
Chinese Characters Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Chip Decor Cricut®
Chore Chart Cricut® Lite
Christmas Cards Seasonal Cricut® 
Christmas Cheer Cricut® 
Christmas Solutions™ Cricut® 
Christmas Village Seasonal Cricut® 
Christmas Wish Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Cindy Loo Cricut® 
Classic Font Cricut®
Contemporary Nature 
Cricut Imagine™
Country Carnival Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Country Life Cricut® 
County Fair Cricut Cricut® 
Crash! Boom! Pow! Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Create a Critter Cricut® 
Cricut Craft Room Basics Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Cricut Decals Cricut ©
Cricut Everyday Cricut® 
Cricut Font and Basic Shapes Cricut ©
Cricut Mini Sampler Cricut ©
Cricut Sampler Cricut ©
Crocs Rule Cricut® Lite
Cupcake Wrappers Cricut® Lite
Cupcake Cricut® Lite
Cursive 101 Classmate™ Cricut® 
Cuttin' Up Cricut® 
Daisy Chain Cricut® 
Damask Décor Cricut® 
Decals Cricut® 
Designer's Calendar Cricut® 
Destinations Cricut® 
Digital Numbers Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Dinosaur Tracks Cricut® 
Disney Classics Cricut® 
Divine Wedding Creative Memories ™
Don Juan Cricut® 
Doodlecharms Cricut® 
Doodletype Cricut® 
Dora the Explorer
Dreams Come True Disney© 
Dude! Cricut® Lite
Easter Blessings Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Easter Magic Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Easter Seasonal Cricut® 
Elegant Cake Art Martha Stewart Crafts™
Elegant Cakes Cricut® 
Elegant Edges Cricut® 
Elise Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Elmo & Friends Holiday Cricut® 
Elmo's Party Cricut® 
Enjoy the Seasons Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Essentials Cricut® 
European Tour Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut® 
Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut® 
Fabulous Finds Cricut® 
Fancy Frames Cricut® 
Fantasy Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Fast Food Cricut® Lite
Father's Day Seasonal Cricut® 
Feeling Groovy Cricut® Lite
Fiesta Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Finger Puppets- Safari Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Floral Emporium Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Florals Embellished Cricut® 
Flower Shoppe Cricut® 
Font and Basic Shapes Cricut® 
Forever Young Cricut® 
Formal Occasion Cricut® 
Four Legged FriendsCricut® Lite 
France Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
French Manor Cricut® 
Freshly Picked Cricut® 
From My Kitchen Cricut® 
Fun in the Sun Cricut® Funny Faces Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Garden Soup Cricut ©
George and Basic Shapes Cricut® 
Germany Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Giant Flowers Cricut® 
Gingerbread Seasonal Cricut® 
Girl's Makeup Party Cricut® 
Give a Hoot Cricut® 
Gnomes and Mushrooms Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Go Canada Cricut® 
Going Places Cricut® 
Graphically Speaking Cricut® 
Greek Alphabet Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Greeting Cards Inside and out Cricut Imagine™ Art  
Groovy Times Cricut® 
Gypsy Font Digital Cricut® 
Gypsy Wanderings Digital Cricut® 
H2O Seasonal Cricut® 
Handy Man Cricut® Lite
Hannah Montana Disney® 
Happily Ever After Disney© 
Happy Easter Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Happy Graduation Seasonal Cricut® 
Happy Hauntings Cricut® 
Heirloom Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Hello Kitty® Font  
Hello Kitty® Greetings  
Heritage Cricut® 
Hey Diddle Diddle Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Holiday Cakes Cricut® 
Holiday Gift Tags Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Home Accents Solutions™ Cricut® 
Home Décor Solutions™ Cricut® 
Hoot 'n' Holler Cricut® Lite
Hopscotch Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Human Body Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Imagine More Cards Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Imagine More Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Independence Day SeasonalCricut® 
Indie Art Solutions™ Cricut® 
Industrial Glow Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Inspired Heart Cricut® Lite
Italy Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Jasmine Cricut® 
Jewish Icons Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Jolly Holidays Cricut® Lite
Joys of the Season Cricut® 
JT Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Jubilee Cricut® 
Just a Note Cricut® 
Just Because Cards Cricut® 
Karate Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Kate's ABCs Cricut® 
Kate's Kitchen Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Keystone Cricut® 
Labels Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Lacy Labels Cricut® Lite
Las Vegas 
Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Learning Curve Classmate™ Cricut® 
Letter Envy Cricut® 
Life is a Beach Cricut® 
Life's a Party Cricut® 
Live Simply Cricut® Lite
Locker Talk Cricut® 
Lori's Garden Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Los Angeles Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Love Struck Seasonal Cricut® 
Love You a Latte Cricut® Lite
Lovely Floral Cricut® Lite
Luau Seasonal Cricut® 
Luggage Tags Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Lyrical Letters Cricut® 
Makin' the Grade Cricut® 
Masks- Animals Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Masks- Earthly Elements Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Meow Cricut® Lite
Mickey and Friends Disney© 
Mickey Font Disney® 
Mini Monograms Cricut® 
Mini Monsters Cricut® 
Missionary Icons Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mother’s Day Bouquet Seasonal Cricut® 
Mother's Day Seasonal Cricut® 
Movie Night Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mr. Frosty Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Muscical Notes Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Musical Instruments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mustaches and Glasses Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
My Community Classmate™ Cricut® 
My Quiet Book Cricut® 
My World Classmate™ Cricut® 
Mystical Garden Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Nate's ABCs Cricut® 
New Arrival Cricut® 
New England Shore Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
New Orleans Party Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
New Testament Cricut® 
New Years Eve 2012 Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
New York 
Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Nickelodeon® SpongeBob Squarepants 
Nifty Fifties Cricut® 
Noah's ABC Animals Cricut® 
Notebook Doodles Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Nursery Rhymes Cricut® 
Nursery Tails Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
October 31st Seasonal Cricut® 
Office Help Cricut® 
Old West Cricut® 
Ole Cricut® 
Once Upon a Princess Cricut® 
Opposites Attract Cricut® 
Ornamental Iron 2 Cricut® 
Ornamental Iron Cricut® 
Out of Character
Pack Your Bags Cricut® 
Page Pals Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Pagoda Cricut® 
Paisley Cricut® 
Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut®
Paper Dolls Teen Scene 
Paper Lace 2 Cricut® 
Paper Lace Cricut® 
Paper Pups Cricut® 
Paper Trimmings Cricut® 
Party Picks and Pennants Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Pet Shop Cricut® Lite
Philadelphia Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Photo Corner Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Phrases Cricut® 
Picturesque Cricut® 
Pink Journey Solutions™ Cricut® 
Plantin SchoolBook Cricut®
Playground Equipment 
Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Playtime Cricut® Lite
Pooh and Friends Disney® 
Pooh Font Set Disney® 
Potpourri BasketCricut® 
Preserves Cricut® 
Princess Party Cricut® 
Printing 101 Classmate™ Cricut® 
Printing Press Cricut® 
Pumpkin Carving Seasonal Cricut® 
Quarter Note Cricut® 
Recess Cricut® Lite
Reminisce Accents Creative Memories™
Ribbons and Rosettes Cricut® 
Robot Party Cricut® 
Robotz Cricut® 
Rock Princess Cricut® 
Roman Numerals Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Royalty Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Sampler Cricut® 
San Francisco Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Sans Serif Solutions™ Cricut® 
Santa's Village Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Savory Cricut® Lite
Scandinavian Christmas Cards Cricut® 
Sea Shells Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Seas Birds and Fish Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Seasonal Cake  Martha Stewart Crafts™
Sentimentals Cricut® 
Serenade Solutions™ Cricut® 
Sesame Street Seasons Cricut® 
Sesame Street® Font Cricut® 
Sesame Street® Friends Cricut® 
Shall We Dance? Cricut® 
Simply Charmed Cricut® 
Simply Scarecrow Solutions Cricut® 
Simply Sweet Cricut® 
Slumber Party Cricut® Lite
Smiley Cards Digital Cricut® 
Snapshot: Everyday Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Snapshot: Nature Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Snapshot: Texture Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Snow Angel Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
Snow Day Seasonal Cricut® 
Snow Friends Seasonal Cricut® 
Soccer Solutions™ Cricut® 
Solar System Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Something to Celebrate Cricut® 
Songbird Cricut® 
Sophie Cricut® 
Sophisticated Cricut® 
Space Party Cricut® 
Speaking of Fall Classmate™ Cricut® 
Speaking of School Classmate™ Cricut® 
Speaking of Winter Classmate™ Cricut® 
Splish Splash Cricut® Lite
Sports Mania Cricut®
Spring Cottage 
Spring Holiday Cards Seasonal Cricut® 
St. Patrick’s Day Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Stamped Cricut® 
Stamping Solutions™ Cricut® 
Stand and Salute Cricut® 
Stars Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Stencil Cricut® 
Stone Script Solutions™ Cricut® 
StoreFront Cricut® 
Stork's Delivery Creative Memories™
Storybook Cricut® 
Straight from the Nest Cricut® 
Street Sign Solutions™ Cricut® 
Stretch your Imagination Cricut® 
Sugar and Spice Cricut® Lite
Summer Celebrations Cricut® 
Summer in Paris Seasonal Cricut® 
Summer Vacation Seasonal Cricut® 
Superman™ Cricut® 
Sweater Weather Cricut® Lite
Sweet Shop Cricut® Lite
Sweet Tooth Boxes Cricut® 
Sweet Treats Cricut® 
Sweethearts Cricut® 
Switzerland Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More 2 Cricut ©
Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More Cricut® 
Tear Drop Cricut® 
Teresa Collins Basics Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Bunnies and Chicks Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Christmas Collage Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Christmas Holly Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Christmas Ornaments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Christmas Sentiments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Deck the Halls Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Easter Basket Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa Collins Holiday Silhouettes Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Thanksgiving Seasonal Cricut® 
Thanksgiving Table Decor Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
The Good Old Days Cricut Imagine™ Art , 
This & That Creative Memories™
Tie the Knot Cricut® 
Tinker Bell & Friends 
'Tis the Season Creative Memories™
Toy Story Disney© 
Track and Field Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Traveler Creative Memories™
Trim the Tree Seasonal Cricut® 
Twinkle Toes Cricut® Lite
Type Candy Cricut® 
Valentine’s 3D Mailbox Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Valentine’s Sentiment Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Valentine’s Sweets Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Varsity Letter Cricut® Lite
Very Merry Tags Seasonal Cricut® 
Victorian Romance Seasonal Cricut® 
Vintage Damask Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns , 
Vintage Papers Cricut® 
Walk in My Garden Cricut® 
Wall Décor and More Cricut® 
Wedding Solutions™ Cricut® 
Whales and Doplhins Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
When It's Cold Outside Seasonal Cricut® 
Wild Card Cricut® 
Wild Card 2 Cricut©
Wildlife Cricut® Lite
Winter Frolic Cricut® 
Winter Lace Seasonal Cricut® 
Winter Woodland Cricut® 
Word Bubbles Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Word Builders: A Garden of Words Cricut® 
Word Builders: A Word Party Cricut® 
Word Builders: An Ocean of Words Cricut® 
Word Collage Cricut® 
Wrap It Up Cricut® 
Yee-Haw Cricut® Lite
Yummy Cricut Imagine™ Art,  
Zodiak Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Zombies Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Zoo Day Cricut® Lite