Monday, March 28, 2011

Stampin up and The Angel Company stamps sets for sale

I am selling a bunch of my stampin up sets, anyone interested? Here is a list, send me an email of which ones you are interested in I will be listing them on Ebay within the next couple of days if nobody is interested. :) I will accept Paypal.

You can look up all the sets online I found all of them. All used are gently used, new are new and unmounted, new and mounted are new and mounted on the wood. All are OBO. Plus shipping.

Stampin up
Love bugs - new - $5.00 - SOLD

Birthday Balloons - used $5.00

The fine print - New/ mounted $7.00 - SOLD

Make a wish - New/ mounted $7.00

Stitched Santa - used $7.00 - SOLD

Set sail - used $7.00

Best of cluck - used  - Make an offer, I paid $40.00 for it, about a year ago, it's pretty rare.

Fun in the sun - used $15.00 - SOLD

Happy camper - new - Make an offer, I paid $40.00 for it about a year ago, it's pretty rare.

Hand stamped set - some new some used - $10.00

All in the family - New $15.00 - SOLD

Always - used $10.00

Pick a petal -new/ mounted $15.00 - SOLD

Ride on - used $10.00

Holiday helpers- new $10.00 - SOLD

Out of the box - new $10.00

A light heart - new/mounted $15.00 - SOLD

Happy moments - new $10.00 - SOLD

Country morning - new/ mounted $10.00

Tote-ally tess - new clear $10.00 - SOLD

The Angel Company

Ice Cream - $8.00 New/Mounted - SOLD

Twinkle Toes - $8.00 New/ Mounted - SOLD

Hello Baby- $5.00 New / Mounted - SOLD

Floral Mug - $5.00 New/Mounted

Baby on Board - $8.00 New/Mounted - SOLD

Cuddly Critters - $8.00 New/Mounted

Furry Friends - $8.00 New/Mounted - SOLD

Brighten your day $8.00 New

6 sets, not sure of the name, they are used, I will take $30.00 for all six sets, Christmas, Borders, flowers...


Ohhh Snap said...

I'd love to buy country morning.

Lisa said...

Michelle, I would like the fine print stamp set, fun in the sun stamp set, pick a petal, holiday helpers, and happy moments stamp set. I can pay for them in about a week if that is okay? Thanks, Lisa

Queen of my Craft Room said...

Please send me an email if you are interested in the stamp sets.

Fot said...

Hon what would you sell all of the rest for ?

Karle said...

ty for showing me pics. we will talk soon. xoxo

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